Wireless cameras and Internet CCTV system for complete home and business video security

Our wireless cameras are different because not only can you use them stand alone but you can link them to our incomparable Internet CCTV platform. Giving you an all-round video security system.

View Live video from your cameras on-demand via a PC, Mac, iPhone etc. from work, on holiday or anywhere. While built-in motion and other sensors can be set to automatically trigger recordings and alert you by email or SMS instantly wherever you are.

Best of all, they work without connection to a PC, giving you the flexibility to place them almost anywhere in and around your property. Just don't put one up in the bathroom!

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what eyespy247 security cameras can do for you

With up to 20.0 MB disk space for your security recordings, 20 email alerts, 5 SMS alerts, plus more.

  • Wi-Fi home & business CCTV you can view remotely
  • Get motion triggered and other alerts by email or SMS
  • Event recordings uploaded to your private online account
  • Download and playback recordings on-demand anytime
  • Schedule captures for regular updates from your property
  • Allow guest users to receive alerts and access video
  • Manage your IP cameras & account 24/7 via PC or Mac